Those crazy feelings in matchdays

This morning I woke up with that crazy feeling in my stomach that I always have on matchdays, but I’m noticing that I have some mixed feelings. There are cuestions I’m asking myself: should we think about football in this difficult times, while there a lot of people in hospitals fighting for their lives? Is it safe for players to go back on the pitch? What is football, without any fans in the stadium? Should there be football without fans?

Maybe it sounds crazy me hosting a podcast about Malaga CF (Guiricast) and be asking myself: if football is really that important? Because to be honest, I don’t think so, what makes it important is the money that goes around in football. That is and has always been the part I really hate about this sport. Sometimes I ask myself how football was in the times of George Best, Viberti, Juanito, Cruyff.

But there is also my selfish part that is happy and getting more nervous every hour that passes away. Probably more nervous then usual because of this crazy situation we are in and because of all the problems the club is having. We really just can’t afford going to Segunda Division B. I think that is a crucial game where it’s result will tell us to look up or down on the LaLiga SmartBank tables.

One thing is for sure I’m happy to think, talk and write about what we should be thinking, talking and writing about: FOOTBALL! Instead of all the problems the club is experiencing the last season. When football stopped months ago there was only news about problems and I might have lost they feeling of enjoying football. Though I’m feeling that the joy is coming back, because of this upcoming Malaga game.

Tonight 19:30 hours it’s back!


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